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Search Engine Optimization

Our Top search engine optimization (SEO) Team and Award-Winning, Dallas-Fort Worth web design Experts – Talk about a Recipe for Online Marketing Success

Have you noticed the fact that just about every internet marketing conversation quickly focuses on the exciting subject of SEO? Yes, Website optimization is ‘King’ because every organic (non-paid advertising) seo success story is yet another online marketing dream come true. Every Web seller naturally prefers an organic solution to a pay to play marketing strategy such as Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns that do have their place, but nothing beats the sheer excitement and built-in ROI of a ‘Google Page One’, seo victory.

At i5 web works, our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and search specialists are constantly celebrating yet another client’s seo success. How do we consistently ‘bring home the bacon’? We’ll tell you as much as we’re allowed about our Top Secret seo recipe a little further on, but first consider just some of the many Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advantages of a successfully optimized Website Design:

  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs – A winning seo strategy means far greater business promotion affordability when compared with radio, TV, print ads and other media, many of which yield questionable results and can be prohibitively expensive for a smaller-sized business such as yours – affordable, SEO-lowered customer acquisition costs can provide a ‘rocket power’ boost to your business’ bottom line
  • Global internet marketing As you’ll learn from our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and seo team, a top search page ranking means nearly any business has access to worldwide markets that were once dominated by mega-corporations with ‘the sky’s the limit’ advertising budgets
  • Long-Term Advertising Benefits – seo has the truly exciting potential to achieve highly effective advertising with a virtually unlimited shelf life – while there can be significant costs associated with achieving ‘Page One’ search dominance, the ongoing maintenance investment required to maintain your business’ top slot is but a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for long-term, traditional media exposure

Okay, seo Makes Perfect Sense – Now How, in Basic Terms, Does it Work?

First, seo works very hard for your Internet business 24/7/365. As to the details, while the optimized Web Architecture of seo (its technical foundation) can be unfathomably complex to most of us, the virtual heart of seo can be summed up in five letters of the alphabet – words – as in the words contained within your website’s text.

It all sounds so simple (in concept vs. execution), but, yes, otherworldly algorithmic bots and spyders crave words. Search bots care nothing about images, though, they do note supportive optimization technologies and complementary strategies such as Link Building and more, but, in essence, reading expertly optimized keywords and key phrases are what crawling spyders are all about.

How Fast Can Spyders Read?

Also unfathomable is the astounding fact that search engine algorithms can read the trillions of words on the entirety of the Internet in little more time than to it takes to blink your eye. Bots can read ‘Superman’ (to the 10th power) fast, which is why our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and search specialists want you to know that your website text demands the most relevant and precisely located keywords and phrases on your website’s pages.

You should also know that Google’s bots are exceptionally advanced readers, particularly since December 27, 2013 when the search giant rolled out its ‘Latest and Greatest’ Hummingbird Algorithm that boasts a heretofore unprecedented, ultra-intuitive, and semantic-based knowledge of human language that means your Web page text is now more important than ever.

Now that You Have the ‘Gist’ of It

First of all, don’t try this at home. The complex blending of computer science and art – highly skilled and professional SEO Copywriting – requires the Master Website Chef talents of our i5 web works, Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and search specialists to create an seo stew with a Five Star ROI rating.

That’s it?

There’s always a lot more to know, particularly when it comes to what seo can do for your online business. So, the obvious question is: Wouldn’t today be a great day to contact i5 web works to begin an exciting conversation about a dynamic and high ROI strategy for you? If higher and ever-increasing profits are what you’re business is all about, our entire Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and search specialists team can’t wait to hear from you!