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Hummingbird Algorithm

Star trek, a Hummingbird, and Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and Search Specialists – What’s that all About?

Ever since he was a young and exceptionally bright little boy who had never missed an inspiring episode of Star trek, Google’s Senior VP in charge of search, Amit Singhal, had many ambitious and what turned out to be prescient dreams about future computer technologies. Amit’s chief ambition had been to, someday, build a computer that was every bit as smart and intuitive as the computer on board the USS Enterprise.

The otherworldly computer aboard the spacecraft had obviously operated in what is known as a semantic environment (more about semantics below), and it featured the invaluable ability to respond to complex voice queries in complete sentences that were wholly relevant to the question posed. In short, it was a very smart computer that fully understood the nearly countless and subtle nuances of human language and spoke perfect English.


And All this Has to Do With…

Mr. Singhal – in his dream job since the year 2000 – is the man behind Google’s ever-evolving search algorithm and numerous variations thereof. Over the years, Amit had been the foresighted leader behind updates such as ‘Caffeine’, ‘Panda’ and more, but nothing compares (according to VP Singhal) to Google’s very latest/greatest change to date that was aptly named ‘The Hummingbird Algorithm’.

Our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and search experts unanimously applauded the update’s name because no feathered creature is more nimble, versatile and quick. The backwards flying or hovering or whatever it wishes to do bird is an inspired symbol for an algorithm that is super-nimble and fast when it comes to an unprecedented and ultra-intuitive ability to deliver exceptionally relevant search results.

 Google Search in a ‘Semantic Environment’

The word semantic can best and most succinctly be defined as the comprehension of the oftentimes highly nuanced relationships between individual words or (for example) their complex use in highly specific search phrases. Semantics involves the study of linguistics, syntax, etymology and other sophisticated, language-related disciplines. In the most basic terms, however, the Hummingbird’s language barrier breakthrough means multi-word/phrase and highly specific Google searches are now:

  • Faster searches
  • Significantly more accurate and relevant search results
  • Highly intuitive searches that don’t focus entirely on select keywords or phrases
  • Delivering the highly specific information you seek for a more productive (time saving) and satisfying search experience and more

Happy ‘First Birthday’ to the Hummingbird

In his typically brilliant PR style, Amit rolled out the Hummingbird Algorithm to commemorate Google’s official 15th birthday on December 27, 2013. With equally ingenious style, the update was branded as the ultimate solution for the next generation of semantic-based search.

Does it work? Try it out: How tall is the Empire State Building? At the very top of Page One is the answer: 1,454 feet (443 meters for our metric fans).

How Will this ‘Bird’ Affect ‘Your’ internet marketing Strategies?

If you haven’t noted a decline in your page ranking by now, your current Content Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are effective as ever and working fine. If you have noticed a lower score in the search engine results pages (SERPs), our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design search specialists can quickly tell you why, as well as how the situation can be remedied because, at i5 web works, every problem in never more than an innovative and highly effective solution waiting to happen.

To learn more about the Hummingbird, our leading and always exciting Website Design, dynamic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or any Internet related issue, contact i5 web works to begin a straightforward and easy to understand conversation about whatever is on your mind. You’ll be glad you did, and we can’t wait to hear from you!