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Search Engine Marketing

Our Brand of Dallas-Fort Worth web design and Your Online ROI Fits like Ironman’s Gloves

Throughout all the space and time of Fantasy Land, the Internet had never even been imagined by the world’s most talented science fiction writers. Earthlings invaded Planet Mars and vice versa. We traveled back and forwards in time at will, superheroes had astounding powers routinely used to save the universe, etc.

No creative mind, however had ever conjured up a breathtaking and futuristic machine (today’s state of the art computer) that worked in tandem within an otherworldly realm known as the Internet. The most globally powerful advertising medium ever devised.

Speaking of Time Travel, Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design Team Can Rocket ‘Your’ Online Business to the Future and Stratospheric ROI

Consider the nearly unfathomable arrangement of digits (ones and zeros) that can, somehow, result in something so fabulous as a state of the art website design; a fantasy writer’s wildest dream that never happened, yet today, the Worldwide Web is wholly taken for granted. At i5 web works, when it comes to your business’ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) success, we take nothing for granted. We meticulously analyze every online marketing technique, identify weak links in the chain, and then get to work on consistently effective SEM strategies that include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Successful optimization relies heavily on the highly structured use of keywords and key phrases in a website’s text, which is why skilled SEO Copywriting is an absolute must – high quality seo pages are a favorite of near light speed-fast, algorithmic bots that scour trillions of words in fractions of a second to provide the most relevant results to every Web surfer who has a need for a particular product or service that, hopefully, will be found on your business website
  • Email Marketing – Many businesses have yet to realize that an expertly designed and implemented email marketing campaign still remains the number one way to drive increased traffic to e-commerce websites, as well as provide Web sellers with invaluable customer demographic information – this means our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design email marketing specialists can target your company’s highly specific, as well as local to global customers in record time
  •  Pay-per-Click (PPC) –  Businesses that have the budget to pay to play can achieve – virtually overnight – Internet prominence through the use of paid or sponsored advertising – Google AdWords and other similar platforms can instantly feature your website on everybody’s search engine results favorite: Page One – for this ultra-fast visibility, you’ll pay a fee each time a web surfer clicks on your website whether they purchase anything or not –PPC fees can be as low as pennies per click or as high as the market will bear – $50-$60 (or more) is not uncommon for mega-corporations and firms that spend millions of dollars on advertising each year
  • Social Media – Now exploding with ever-increasing shock waves, social media is yet another, once unimaginable phenomenon with unprecedented growth in consumer grabbing attention achieved by multi-channel platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others forms of global communication that have attracted the close attention of hundreds of millions of users – now consider the nearly limitless promotional opportunities of social media – at i5 web works, we certainly have
  • Video Marketing – It seems as though every day we hear about yet another YouTube or other Web video going viral –videos viewed and discussed by tens of thousands if not millions of people throughout the global community – again, let the Dallas-Fort Worth web design gurus at i5 web works show you how your business can be an ROI-growing part of the show
  • SEM Consulting – Our industry-leading firm provides a full complement of Internet services that can help your business achieve and enjoy the panoramic view from the top – In the 21st century, Internet dominance is a must, and our best in the business, SEM consultants know exactly how to achieve superior Web visibility for you

We Have Barely Scratched the Surface

When your business is ready to explore the universe of exceptional website visibility and high ROI, there’s a whole lot more to know about SEM than what is contained in the few of many internet marketing strategies briefly outlined above. If you’d like to become a well-informed consumer, visit the numerous pages of this website or even better, contact i5 web works at your earliest convenience. Our entire Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and SEM team can’t wait to hear from you!