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Social Media

Do the Dallas-Fort Worth web design Visionaries and Marketing Gurus at i5 web works have a Healthy Respect for Social Media? Like Crazy and You Should, Too

From an internet marketing specialist’s point of view, what’s not to love about a global explosion of instant interconnectivity between individuals, smaller-sized businesses and mega-corporations alike? We used the word visionary in the title above because the very best Website Design professionals know the ‘yet to come’ marketing potential of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others have yet to reach their zenith of business promotion power.

What waits just beyond the technological horizon of social media? This question is of immense interest to our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design team of social media devotees because the sheer numbers alone boggle their collective mind. Seemingly overnight, social media platforms have attracted hundreds of millions of users around the world, a number that rises by thousands or tens of thousands with each passing hour.

What Do the ‘Number Crunchers’ Say about Social Media Marketing?

The Social Media Examiner, a well-respected industry publication, recently released its 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. The report’s findings are the result of a survey of over 3,000 Internet marketers whose comments were distilled into an all-encompassing, statistical analysis, a brief sampling of which you’ll find below:

  • 89% of survey respondents stated that social media has enhanced their business/brand exposure
  • 62% of marketers with two or more years of social media usage benefited from a higher search engine page ranking
  • 64% of those surveyed reported increased sales lead generation and lower customer acquisition costs
  • 62% of companies with 10 employees or less also reported reduced marketing expenditures
  • 69% of respondents relied on social media as an exceptional consumer information gathering tool

Again, the above is but a very small sampling from a report that predicts even greater, nearly exponential growth in social media’s fantastically exciting marketing future. With hundreds of millions of people talking, the object is to steer the conversation towards your brand – a challenge our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and social media gurus meet on a daily basis. If you want further proof of social media’s internet marketing value, it’s etched into rock hard numbers, and from the earlier-mentioned survey, below are a few more digits to consider:

  • Over 82% of American consumers use the Internet
  • 72% of America’s adult Internet users report being active on at least one social media network
  • There are approximately 700 YouTube links uploaded to Twitter every minute, and 500 years worth of video is viewed on Facebook every day

There are billions upon billions of social media hits in our global village each day. This is why the visionaries at i5 web works respect like crazy the nearly unlimited marketing power of social media already hard at work – what its future promotional value holds is nearly unimaginable.

If your business would like to join a global conversation, enjoy real-time marketing interconnectivity, benefit from exceptional consumer information gathering, as well as robust Internet activity reporting and so much more, that’s what we want to hear. And you’ll want to hear what our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and social media experts have to say about multi-channel, social media platforms and your Internet marketing plans. Contact i5 web works today. We’re absolutely certain you’ll be very glad you did!