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Video Marketing

Lights, Camera, Action’ – Let Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design Experts Use Video Marketing to ‘Show and Tell’ Your Business Story, Sales Message and So Much More

Numerous marketing studies conducted in 2013 all add up to the same conclusion; tens of millions of people around the world are moving farther away from their PC while holding close the latest generation of exponentially faster and larger screen mobile marvels used to surf the Web. This is very good news for an entire universe of video marketing strategies that are all enjoying explosive, mobile device viewership growth that gives new meaning to the ‘Big Bang Theory’.

We Knew It from ‘Day One’

 All of the above comes as no surprise to our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and video marketing leaders who are among the best in the business and have the outstanding track record to prove it. For years, i5 web works has been a nationally recognized leader in all forms of video marketing for businesses just like yours. We’ve long kept our eyes on the video marketing prize, and when you consider the numbers below you’ll know why:

  • YouTube attracts over 136 million unique viewers each month
  • Over 147 million Americans watch videos online, a number that promises to skyrocket as it keeps pace with the frenzied growth of mobile device popularity
  • Another number that’s certain to rise is the current 87% of Internet marketers who utilize video content – this accounts for approximately 35% of all online promotion revenues
  • Industry analysts predict that video advertising expenditures will climb to $5.4 billion by 2016
  • Video ads that feature popular (possibly viral) entertainment value accounts for a 97% increase in a customer’s purchase intent, as well as a 139% jump in brand association/recognition
  • When it comes to Internet visibility, Web text pages are 50 times less likely than videos to earn an organic, page one ranking

Is It Time to Show and Tell ‘Your’ Business Story?

Yesterday would have been a slightly better time to talk to our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and video marketing experts, but it’s never too late to launch your online business into the dynamic, exciting, and high ROI orbit of video promotions. As to tomorrow, with nearly exponential advances in Internet technologies combined with ever-smarter phones, tablets and more, the future possibilities for video marketing are only limited by our seemingly unlimited imagination.

There’s no need to wait to see what comes next from the R&D labs, however, when today’s video advertising provides what would have been classified as science fiction not so long ago. Video marketing already offers one of the most advanced and effective forms of market base communications that include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Testimonials – If a single picture tells a story, imagine the communication power of ‘words of praise’ actually spoken by your satisfied customers
  • Product Demonstrations – Seeing is believing, and nothing beats a high quality video when it comes to showing your product(s) in action
  • Virtual Tours – Ask any realtor or numerous other industry professionals how virtual tours have revolutionized the way they do far more productive and high ROI business
  • Special Event Promotions – Professionally produced videos can announce and promote your upcoming special event in an engaging and exciting way unlike any others

Do ‘You’ Get the Picture?

At i5 web works, we think the picture is crystal clear – sunny skies and unlimited visibility for video marketing that, again, is only limited by human imagination. As it turns out, our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and video marketing talent has imagination and inspiration to spare. For more good news, we offer a truly comprehensive Video Services Package that includes:

  • Original video concept development
  • Top quality videography
  • Professional, creative and persuasive scriptwriting
  • Industry-leading voiceover services
  • Search engine optimized videos
  • Highly experienced video editing
  • All-important video distribution and so much more

Is Video Marketing Right for ‘Your’ Business?

As to the above question: absolutely. Let our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and video marketing rock stars increase your business’ ROI and brand recognition in a very ‘big bang for the buck’ way. To get started, make today the day you contact i5 web works to discuss how your business can finally take a long overdue bow on the global video marketing stage. We’re excited and we know you are, too!