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Web Architecture

Web Architecture – the Blueprint for Your e-commerce Website – Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and Master Architects Translate the ‘Very’ Basics into English

At i5 web works, we present the following scenario (we use no names and fictitious circumstances to protect the innocent): As the head of the company, you’re the guest of honor at a party held to celebrate your online venture’s exciting internet marketing success. You’re enjoying the festivities until a total stranger asks about the company’s ultra-effective and advanced Web architecture.

Say what? First of all, you’re a highly talented designer and successful online seller of mannequins, so we’re literally talking about website architecture for dummies here. Plus, as the head of the company, you delegate to others that which you don’t pretend to understand, and this Web architecture query serves as a perfect example.

You Know What They Say about ‘Loose Lips’

This oddly inquisitive person could very well be an industrial spy who’s attempting to purloin valuable information, but no one will ever pry any highly technical and/or proprietary Web architecture secrets out of you. No way, and you could simply say, ‘Sorry, but that subject is all hush-hush and top secret, you know’.

If you did want to reply in the most basic terms possible, however, our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design and architecture experts managed to translate the exceptionally complex computer science endeavor into just enough plain English to suffice when you explain that all else is held close to the vest because industrial espionage is rampant.

Your Online Business Needs a Master Plan

Web architecture begins by obtaining a significant amount of highly detailed information about the business itself. This is the starting point for a Master Plan for the identification, categorization, and organization of website content both seen and hidden.

From aesthetics to Web page text to digital geek-speak that never ends, tell anyone who asks that Web architecture incorporates all of this. You can ever rattle off a few bullet points:

  • Web architecture achieves the pinpoint accurate identification of your core market base, as well as an equally expert analysis of associated web shopper behaviors
  • After accomplishing the above, our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design experts can create the most effective and seamless navigation platform specifically tailored to each individual business – all to ensure a high ROI (Add to Cart) online experience
  • Lightning fast Web architecture that pleases surfers and search engines alike – Google’s ever-evolving search algorithm awards page rank points for overall website speed that is now analyzed and rated in their labs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website architecture is a must, and our i5 web works designers incorporate numerous, astoundingly complex, and oftentimes highly proprietary optimization components into every e-commerce website we build

Tell that ‘Spy’ at the Party to Contact Us

If anyone wants to know all about the nearly infinite nuances of state of the art Web architecture, our Dallas-Fort Worth web design experts will be delighted to elaborate in exquisite detail. We’re also exceptionally fluent in plain English when it comes to any aspect of our award-winning and industry-leading internet marketing services for your business. Go right ahead and contact i5 web works today and we’ll prove it!