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Website Hosting

Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design Experts Want You to Know More about Website Hosting

Some people say Website hosting is all the same. Well, at i5 web works, we would respectfully disagree by saying those folks are definitely mistaken on that assumption, and our Dallas-Ft. Worth web design gurus can tell them precisely why. Do you really want your brand new, state of the art, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perfect website to operate slowly, erratically or not at all because the wrong hosting service (once again) is experiencing technical difficulties? No, of course you want ultra-fast and fail-safe reliable website hosting such as that provided by our partnership with Rackspace, a clear industry leader in website hosting that offers:

  • Advanced Email hosting
  • Super-fast and glitch-free, e-commerce website hosting
  • Convenient file sharing solutions
  • Unlimited and on-demand data storage
  • Peace of mind online backup and antivirus protection
  • Rich media website hosting
  • Cloud hosting and much more

Just a Little ‘Geek-Speak’ Stuff

At i5 web works, we like to keep things simple. We do our best to avoid a lot of geek-speak that can cause many a client’s eyes to glaze over. So, when it comes to website hosting, we’ve distilled it down to the basics as briefly outlined below:

  • Web Architecture – Custom designed software and numerous other Website Design details specific to a particular e-commerce website (its Web architecture) can require an equally specific form of hosting for optimal website performance
  • Data Backup and Retrieval – Be certain to know how often a hosting service backs up you data – hourly or daily is best – and where, exactly is that data stored – in the unthinkable event of a total computer crash, how, exactly, and how quickly can you retrieve your files
  • Shared or Dedicated web hosting Servers – Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and hosting experts can tell you if your website is compatible with a hosting services’ shared servers or if a dedicated server is required for your website’s best possible performance
  • Hosting Service Disc Storage and Bandwidth Capabilities – Some websites are far more complex than others – an e-commerce website that incorporates videos, a shopping cart, multiple images, a shipping calculator and more will require additional disc storage and bandwidth for problem-free operation
  • Web Hosting Equipment – Beware of any Website hosting service that relies on outdated hardware that frequently fails and takes your website down with it – insist on state of the art and ultra-reliable hosting equipment
  • Antivirus Protection – Demand only the most secure environment for your all-important data and overall website protection
  • Web Analytics – A high quality web hosting service will provide its customers with monthly and robust website activity reporting

We Could Go On and On…

Our Dallas-Fort Worth web design and hosting experts will tell you about the importance of a hosting server’s geographical location, the danger and disaster of compromised (stolen) business data, web hosting speed, costs and more. To tie it all up in a simple bow, however, simply rely on the unsurpassed web hosting services of Rackspace.

When it comes to website hosting, we know you want to know more. Excellent – simply make today the day you contact i5 web works to learn all the reasons why the right web hosting is absolutely essential to optimal internet marketing success. Contact us anytime. Of course, you’ll be delighted you did!